Shift the way you EXPERIENCE change, learn from a community of mentors and view YOUR world differently.

Mindevelop is an online personal growth platform with a mission to connect a community of growth seekers with transformational experiences.

The ultimate goal is incremental personal improvement, experiencing the best version of ourselves through conscious awakening of inner wisdom while creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

Every month a FREE Mastermind session for community members is released with one of our teachers going deep into a powerful & transformational idea.

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1. Learn Online

Join other life students who are learning differently through our learning platform, Nomna Academy.

The platform enables micro-learning, individual behavioral change and community engagement.

In just 10-20 minutes a day, you will design the life of your dreams, turning YOUR passion into a way of life.

Inside are DIY personal toolkits, live coaching conversations among other support tools to help you transform thoughts into daily transformative actions while being supported by a community-driven platform.

2. Experience our Events

Join like-minded growth seekers for flagship online events or live conferences. Connect with amazing people in inspiring environments and be a part of a bigger movement creating epic life moments and experience transformation.

3. Join the Conversation with Nomna

YouTube Channel Conversations

“I am a lover of life who thrives on living life to the fullest, even when it is challenging (passion).

I am a hopeless dreamer who believes that dreams somehow do come true (faith).

My heart is always full, yet I empty it every day, minute, second (love).

Journey with me through passion living (life).”

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